Matfyz bc courses

State examinations

1-MAT-950/09General mathematical background
1-MAT-990/00Defence of the Bachelor's thesis

3. year, summer semester

1-MAT-920/00Bachelor’s thesis (2)
2-PMS-219/13Probability distributions
1-MXX-232/10English language (4)
1-MXX-120/00Sport (2)
1-MAT-411/12Functional analysis (2)

3. year, winter semester

1-MAT-410/00Functional analysis (1)
1-MAT-910/00Bachelor’s thesis (1)
1-MAT-785/00Measure and integration theory
2-PMS-219/13Probability for random processes
1-MXX-110/00Sport (1)

2. year, summer semester

1-MAT-825/00Basics of physics (2)
1-MAT-430/00Classical methods of solving partial differential equations
1-PMA-730/00Computational statistics
1-PMA-550/00Mathematical statistics
1-MAT-425/00Ordinary differential equations (2)
1-PMA-560/00Probability theory (2)

2. year, winter semester

1-PMA-510/00Basics of mathematical statistics
1-MAT-815/00Basics of physics (1)
1-MAT-780/00Numerical mathematics (2)
1-MAT-310/00Ordinary differential equations (1)
1-PMA-520/00Probability theory (1)
1-PMA-760/00Random sampling theory
1-MAT-810/00Real analysis seminar

1. year, summer semester

1-MAT-260/00Abstract algebra (2)
1-MAT-736/11Abstract algebra seminar (2)
1-MAT-250/00Mathematical analysis (4)
1-MAT-775/00Mathematical analysis seminar (4)
1-MAT-240/00Numerical mathematics (1)
1-MAT-282/00Probability and statistics (2)
1-MAT-416/11Theory of functions of a complex variable

1. year, winter semester

1-MAT-220/00Abstract algebra (1)
1-MAT-735/11Abstract algebra seminar (1)
1-MAT-210/00Mathematical analysis (3)
1-MAT-750/00Mathematical analysis seminar (3)
1-MAT-270/00Matrix computations
1-MAT-281/00Probability and statistics (1)